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Adoption Process

Hague Convention

Bulgaria is party to the Hague Convention on Protection and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption, ensuring that adoptions take place in the best interests of the child and with respect for his or her fundamental rights


Central Authority 

The Central Authority for Bulgaria under the Hague Convention is the Ministry of Justice, which is responsible for all the activities, related to the intercountry adoptions, such as accepting applications of adoptive parents, keeping the register of children available for adoption by foreign citizens and the register of prospective adoptive parents, preparing draft written consents for adoption signed by the Minister of Justice, etc. 

An  Intercountry Adoption Councilwas established to the Ministry of Justice, which has important consultative powers in relation to intercountry adoptions. The Intercountry Adoption Council is a permanently functioning body, meeting on a weekly basis and among its main functions is making proposals to the Minister of Justice to determine (a) suitable adoptive parent(s) of a child. 


Accredited organizations

The Bulgarian legislation requires the activities related to intercountry adoptions intermediation to be conducted only by organizations accredited by the Ministry of Justice and registered in the Public Register of the Ministry of Justice. In this respect, to be able to adopt from Bulgaria, the prospective adoptive parents should authorise a Bulgarian accredited organization to represent them.


“SUNSHINE FOR OUR KIDS” Foundation is accredited by the Ministry of Justice in Republic of Bulgaria and the Central Authority for Intercountry Adoptions in the Republic of Bulgaria according to the Hague Convention for Intercountry Adoption intermediation by way of PERMISSION N 53/2005; 89/2007; 103/2010; 141/11.05.2015; 181/05.05.2020 for the following countries:



















IL MANTELLO - Associazione di volontariato per la famiglia e l’adozione - O.N.L.U.S
Via San Domenico 1

84080 Acquamela di Baronissi (SA)
Tel. +39 089 95 36 38

Association pour l'adoption internationale “A la Croisée des Chemins”
13 rue Josepf Berger, Genape 1470


6920 South Holly Circle, Centennial, Colorado 80112, Telephone, 303-850-9998



Afterthe Republic of Bulgaria signed and ratified The Hague Adoption Convention, a Central Authority for Intercountry Adoption was established to the Ministry of Justice. Since then the Foundation“SUNSHINE FOR OUR KIDS” has intermediatedadoptions with all countries for which its Permission applies.






Frequently asked questions

Eligibility criteria?

Married couples and singles. There is no requirement regarding the length of marriage or prior divorces. 

Is it possible for us to undertake actions for adoption directly in Bulgaria?

That is absolutely forbidden (and is a violation of the law)!

Length of process?

The waiting time is dynamic and varies. It depends on the number of children and the number of prospective adoptive parents in the register. It also depends on the readiness of the adoptive parent(s) to adopt a child with special needs or older children for whom the wait is shortened significantly. 

Who selects and proposes the child to be adopted by us?

The matching of children and families is conducted by the Ministry of Justice based on the best interest of the child and the possibilities of the adoptive parents to provide physical, mental and social well-being for the child. 

What will happen if we refuse the proposal?

The adoptive parent(s) may keep their registration number in the register in the event of refusal due to health problems of the child, for which the adoptive parent(s) haven’t been informed in advance or haven’t explicitly stated that they are ready to accept. In cases of refusals, the International Adoption Council refers the child to other prospective adoptive parents. 

When should we travel to Bulgaria and how long we need to stay?

Two trips to Bulgaria are necessary. The first trip is after accepting the proposal for adoption and the stay is 5 days long. During this first visit the adoptive parent(s) meet the child and make contact with it in the populated area of the institution, in which the child is placed. Upon the second trip the family assumes the custody on the child, and after receiving the passport and the visa (if necessary) he/she may leave Bulgaria.

Shall we have a translator?

Each family receives fully focused services, performed with responsibility and care by the experts working at the “Sunshine for our kids” Foundation, including an accompanying translator to and from the relevant language for the entire period of stay of the family.

When we go to take the child from the home where he/she is placed, should we bring clothes and shoes for him/her?

Yes, it is advisable. Of course, the child will wear clothes and shoes, but he/she will leave the home with the clothes and shoes that you are going to bring him/her. A few sets of clothes and shoes should be provided for, which the child is going to wear until his/her departure from Bulgaria. It is a good idea to leave the clothes and shoes from the Home for the other children. 

Main objective

1.  Interaction with State and Municipal bodies;  nongovernmental organizations, natural and legal persons with regard to the child protection activities; including special protection under the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria and the conventions regulating the protection of the children’s rights, ratified by the Republic of Bulgaria;

2. Paying special attention and rendering concrete legal, social, and material support to: lonely children without parents - orphans; children deprived of parental care and family environment; children suffering from physical and mental retardation and disabilities, and giving support and healthcare to such children, as well as improving their way of life.

3. Overcoming the social isolation of socially disadvantaged children, integration of such children in the society through finding the best permanent family for each child to ensure the wellbeing of the children and their development as complete personalities.


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