Requirements Documents


1. A permission to adopt a child pursuant to the laws of the state where the adoptive parent(s) habitually reside.

2. A document certifying that the adoptive parent(s) are/isandwas/were notdeprived of parental rights, issued by a competent body of the state of habitual residence of the adoptive parent(s).

3. A social report on the adoptive parent(s), containing also data about the members of their family, including their health status.

4. Document on the health status of the adoptive parent(s), which reflects the physical and psychological health of the person, absence of serious chronic, infectious and venereal diseases, AIDS, tuberculosis and other diseases endangering their life.

5. Document certifying the absence of criminal convictions of the adoptive parent(s).

6. Marriage certificate or Birth Certificate if single;

7. Short description of the adoptive parents – personal data, nationality and citizenship, copy of the identity document- personal ID card or passport.

8. Power of attorney by the adoptive parent(s) for “Sunshine for our kids” Foundation to represent them and to mediate in carrying out the activity for adoption of child/childrenhabitually residents ofBulgaria.

9.    Signed contract between the adoptive parent(s) and “Sunshine for our kids” Foundation.

 Form of medical certificate



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