The Foundation “SUNSHINE FOR OUR KIDS” is organized and proceeds to serve candidate adoptive parents who are residents of foreign countries to help them adopt a child - Bulgarian citizen, as follows:

informs the candidates for adoptive parents about the documents they must prepare and present and the time frame within which they must do it;

eceiving, keeping, translating and legalizing documents sent by the candidates for adoption, submits them and files them at the Ministry of Justice;

regularly presents information to the adoption candidates about the progress of their adoption procedure;

presents a report to the adoption candidates prepared by the Ministry of Justice on the personal details, health condition, social status and any other received information about the child proposed for adoption by them;

mediates for establishing contact between the adoption candidates and the proposed child and  provides them will all kinds of assistance during their stay in Bulgaria;

• if necessary and if the adoption candidates wish so, provide consultations with qualified specialists – doctor, psychologist, pedagogue;

provides legal representation to the adoption candidates before Sofia City court;

• provides all necessary documents for the child to leave the boundaries of the Republic of Bulgaria: court decision, birth certificate and passport issued by the Bulgarian authorities;

presents to the Ministry of Justice four post-placement reports regarding the adopted child: one report semiannually during the first two years after the adoption.



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